48 Hour Film Festivals

Pittsburgh has an active theater and film scene. Three years ago, I was one of the founding members of SG Movie Magic – a team that makes movies for the Pittsburgh 48 Hour film festival. We’ve done pretty well for ourselves!

Level 1
This is the first movie we made as a team. We were lucky enough to draw Mockumentary, so we made a mockumentary of the thing we knew best – Game Development. We won the Audience Choice and Best Director award for this.

Though I was not present to help with the shooting, I helped with all the paperwork and organizing before I left. We won Audience Choice and Best Special Effects for this film.

Without a Hitch
We drew Road Trip this year and it was great filming outdoors and facing all the challenges it provides. Though other films were better polished than ours, we had lots of fun making it!

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I am Manoj Anand, a producer. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) program. My time there made me a better leader through cross-disciplinary teamwork, integrity and dedication to the team.
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